“This is the very best investment I have ever made. I am now in control of my business and enjoying the game of ‘learning how to be an owner executive’. I have a very stable and capable staff with no ‘drama’. We work together as a team and make monthly production goals I only dreamed of in the past.”

T. McNabb, DVM, Oregon

“After our last consultation we had more new patients come through the door than we’d had in a year. Our production and collections also increased to higher levels. If any business needs a tune-up, I’d suggest calling Sue at Business Management Strategies.”

- M. Strumpf, DDS, Florida

“I was in the transition zone from one person to a team. I needed an objective approach to systems implementation and someone who cared only about my business and not about the agenda’s of me as an owner or the employees. My goal was to make the business stand on its own. I wanted to be able to stand back and see a successful operation without me being in the middle holding it together.

Thanks to Sue the business has grown from me to a staff of 10. We have almost 2000 clients now compared to 300 when we started. We have a team in place and capacity to continue growing at 20% per year. We get new clients every week and are starting to work on larger, more profitable accounts.”

L. Whitworth, CPA, Oregon

“Business Management Strategies has helped me completely transform the operations of my business in just a few short months. I was looking to grow my business but felt overwhelmed with how to go about it. I was doing almost everything myself (except for a few part-time employees in production). My business partner left with a lot of info “in her head”.

Business Management Strategies has set up programs to handle one thing at a time, have become “accountability partners” while troubleshooting and solving problems as they arise. Their coaching has provided an outside view to suggest things I either hadn’t thought of before and/or thought was impossible at the time. I am now moving into a whole new level of expansion with a stable, trained staff. And, I am able to take time off for myself and am enjoying life more!”

R. Miller
Financial Services, Washington

“My practice has achieved  in one year what I thought it would take 5 years to accomplish!!! I am not exaggerating either.  I owe a lot of my success now and in the future to Paul’s sound wisdom and advice”.

J. Chai, DDS, Canada

“For the first four years after I opened my practice, I didn’t have a system to manage the business.  Everything was running according to my instinct; decisions were made on a case-by-case situation. Staff received little training, their job duties were not clearly defined and accounts receivables were high.  I did not feel the practice was running efficiently and smoothly.  I felt exhausted, often times frustrated, couldn’t sleep well because there were so many issues on my mind and I didn’t know how to get out of the situation.  I thought this was the stress I had to take being the owner of the practice.

After working with Business Management Strategies my practice is running more efficiently.  Everyone is clear on their job duties and I feel comfortable delegating responsibilities to staff.  We have a happy, healthy team and I feel much less stressed than before.  Harmony with efficiency was the goal I had in mind for the whole team and we have the capability to achieve it now.”

J. Xiao, DDS, Oregon

“I have less stress and more confidence in managing my staff, patients and business.  My production has increased by 29% and my collections have increased by 31%!  Now, when the day-to-day challenges arise I know how to approach them in order to reach a good solution.  I do less guessing and hoping and more effective planning and execution.  I have benefited greatly from your service”.

W. Lynch, O.D., Missouri