The Value of Group Interviews


The escalating costs of finding acceptable help today has a dramatic effect on any business and is one of the greatest stresses for any business owner.  Studies show that the costs for recruiting and training a new employee averages, conservatively, $10,000 per employee.


Add to that the fact that resumes can be fabricated and interviews often reveal the person telling you what they “think” you want to hear from them.  With today’s economic market there is a wealth of prospects in the marketplace.   They are desperate to get a new job  so they can leave something else that has become unacceptable to them for some reason or, just a job as they may have been out of work for some time.


You are a busy executive and it is not unusual to have 50 – 200 responses for a job these days.  How do you manage to find the best prospect for your job opening when you are already swamped because you are short handed and don’t have the time to interview all these people?


For every 15-20 people who apply for a job, 2 to 4 are upbeat and capable.  When you have more than 5 people respond to an ad, hiring is most quickly and effectively done group-style like a Hollywood “cattle call”.  This acts as a screening process that will reduce the time it takes to hire and sort out the number of “unwilling” applicants.  It will reduce your time invested to a minimal amount and give you the best possible option for finding a good fit for your company.  This still does not guarantee that they will be the perfect match but, it will give you a better chance for success.


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